Monday, October 25, 2010

RnB Douchebag of the day - Christopher Williams

This is a series highlighting R&B Songs where the lyrics sound douchebag like. (Hopefully) No feelings were hurt in the making of this series.  It's all in fun, it's all to put you onto some good music.
Christopher Williams - I'm Dreaming
We could actually make the whole series about Christopher Williams lyrics and have a ton of entries.

The song begins with the lyrics "Don't wake me. I'm Dreaming".  He says he can't get over the fact he just got with this fine woman, but then goes straight to sleep and tells her to leave him alone.  So now she's in the dark all alone, maybe she could talk to her mother....nope! Unplug the phone.  To complete the douchebagness, he tells her to not wake him up until the dream is complete.

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